5 Benefits Of Attending Trade Shows

Benefits Of Attending Trade ShowsIf you are an Amazon FBA seller, then you should be attending trade shows. There are many kinds and sizes of trade shows. Some have all types of products and some are niche specific. Some are very large and include thousands of vendors. Some are small. If you have never been to a trade show before, then I recommend that you start with a small one. There are 5 main benefits of attending trade shows.

Benefits of Attending Trade Shows #1 – Open Wholesale Accounts

I believe the main benefit of attending trade shows is that you can open wholesale accounts. You meet the vendors in person and can establish a rapport with them. It is so much easier than cold calling or sending an email. With all of the recent restrictions, it is imperative to establish some wholesale accounts. Amazon FBA – Your First Wholesale Account will teach you more about wholesale accountsl

Benefits of Attending Trade Shows #2 – Bring New Products To Market Inexpensively

Sometimes, wholesalers may require a large order. Make sure you inquire about their minimum order quantity or MOQ. Typically, at trade shows, there are specials. These specials may include a smaller order amount or free shipping.

Benefits of Attending Trade Shows #3 – Free Educational Seminars

Most trade shows include some type of educational component. They usually have free seminars on topics that will be beneficial to you. I recommend looking at the seminars and scheduling your time on the trade show floor around these great opportunities for learning.

Benefits of Attending Trade Shows #4 – Networking with Other Sellers

Trade shows are a great way to network with other sellers. Be friendly and introduce yourself to others. A lot of times you are staying in the same hotels so you can eat breakfast or dinner with a new friend. I have learned some of the best tips from other Amazon sellers.

Benefits of Attending Trade Shows #5 – Develop Relationships With Vendors

This may not seem obvious but you can also develop relationships with vendors. I have attended the Philadelphia Gift Show several times and have interacted with several vendors several times. I receive emails before the show informing me that they will be there. Also, they tell me about specials and new products when they see me.

And a bonus benefit of attending trade shows is that products that you buy and have delivered to you do not have any stickers. No scotty peelers or Goo-Gone is needed. The prep of these products is so much easier.

If you want to learn more about attending trade shows, Trade Shows For FBA Sellers is for you. Trade Shows for FBA Sellers will provide an introduction to trade shows for Amazon FBA sellers, step-by-step instructions on what you need to attend trade shows as well as step-by-step instructions on determining what to buy.

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