Why Is My Amazon FBA Inventory Reserved?

Amazon FBA Inventory ReservedWhy Is My Amazon FBA Inventory Reserved?

If you are an Amazon FBA seller then I am sure you have experienced your inventory being in reserve. In the Amazon FBA Facebook Groups, this is a frequent question. Why is my Amazon FBA inventory reserved and what does that mean?

There are several reasons why your inventory may be in reserve. Click this link to find out the explanation from Seller Central. You have to have a Seller Central account to see the page. There are three reasons why your inventory is reserved:

  • Customer Order
  • Fulfillment Center Transfer
  • Fulfillment Center Processing

Reserved Inventory Reason #1

If there is a customer order that has not been shipped yet, then you will have inventory reserved for that order. This inventory will also show up as a pending order.

Reserved Inventory Reason #2

If your inventory is being transferred from one fulfillment center to another fulfillment center, then the reserve reason is Fulfillment Center Transfer. When I create my shipments, at least some of inventory goes to a Distribution Center. A Distribution Center ships your inventory to other Fulfillment Centers. During this process your inventory shows up as reserved. There are pros and cons to your inventory being shipped to a Distribution Center. The pro is that your inventory is not split among a lot of fulfillment centers which can increase shipping costs. The con is that once your inventory is checked into the Distribution Center, your listings show up as backordered while it is being shipped to other warehouses.

Reserved Inventory Reason #3

The last reason is because your inventory needs additional processing. The additional processing could be for verification of the dimensions and weight of the product or other pending investigations. Amazon stated on their Help Page that inventory that is being processed for transfer can show up under both Fulfillment Center Transfer and Fulfillment Center Processing for a short time.

Reserved Inventory Report

There is a report that you can run to find out what inventory is in reserve and why. Go to Reports and then Fulfillment. Under Inventory select Reserved Inventory. This report can’t be viewed online so you must select “Request Download”. Once the report has been generated, you can select the Download button. The report will be downloaded as a csv file. You can open this file in Microsoft Excel.

If you are new to Amazon FBA, there is a lot of information that you must learn. Here are 3 free videos that you can watch to get you started.

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