How To Write Bullet Points For Your Amazon Product Listing

Amazon Product ListingSometimes you find a product that is not already selling on Amazon or you are creating a unique bundle. In these cases, you need to create your own listing. One thing that you must do as part of creating your own Amazon product listing is come up with bullet points. You may not put much thought into what you write, but you should take your time and create bullet points that describe features and benefits as well as copy that differentiates your product from the competition.

According to the Amazon Terms of Service (TOS), you can have up to 5 bullet points. The number of characters that are allowed per bullet point is different in different parts of the Amazon documentation. Also, the number of characters may vary depending on the category.

Karon Thackston understands this subject very well because she is a professional copywriter. She wrote a blog post called “7 Expert Tips for Writing Bullet Points That Sell“ where she describes how to write bullet points for your Amazon product listing that will actually help you sell your product. Her 7 points are as follows:

·       Tip #1 – Choosing Super Adjectives to Describe Features/Benefits

·       Tip #2 – Segment Your Audience

·       Tip #3 – Lifestyle Uses

·       Tip #4 – Know Whom You’re Writing To

·       Tip #5 – Justify the Cost

·       Tip #6 – Differentiate Your Product

·       Tip #7 – Overcome Customer Hesitation 

I must admit that even though I create a lot of bundles, I do not consider all these tips when I am writing my bullet points for my Amazon product listing. I am more of an analytical person, so this is the part of my business that I struggle with. I usually do a bad job with Tip #1. I tend to list the features but don’t really give the benefits. I don’t even think to justify the cost as stated in Tip #5.

Karon also states that you can use this sample template for your bullet points:

Thanks to their {adjective} {feature}, these {keyphrase} offer {benefit}

I am creating some new listings this week and I will take these points into consideration. It makes no sense to find an awesome product that is never found in the Market Place because the time was not put into creating good bullet points.

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