How To Get Reimbursed For A Damaged Amazon FBA Removal Order

FBA Removal OrderRight before Long Term Storage Fees (LTSFs) hit on February 15th, I did an assessment of my inventory. I decided that some of my items were probably never going to be profitable on Amazon. I created a FBA removal order and had them shipped back to me.

If you have ever created a lot of removal orders, the returns can be overwhelming. You will get 1 or 2 items shipped back at a time. Since I now sell on eBay, the plan was to list this merchandise there. However, a strange thing happened this time. Instead of my items being shipped in boxes, most of the items arrived in envelopes instead.

Once I opened the envelopes, about half of the items were now damaged. My Valentine’s Day boxes were bent and no longer in pristine condition. The box of some grocery items was so damaged that now the product was open.

Amazon FBA Removal Order Damage Case

I was really upset and decided that I would take the time to open cases for all of this damaged product.  In order to open cases, you need to take pictures of the shipping label, the packing slip and the damaged goods. Right away, I got push back from Amazon. I also ran the Removal Shipment Detail report, so I could include the Order Id, SKU, FNSKU and Tracking number in the case.

Example of Amazon FBA Removal Order Damage

Here are some shoes I got back. These were brand new shoes in a brand-new box and because Amazon shipped them back in a envelope instead of a box, the shoe box is now damaged. At first, they said they needed pictures of the damaged product. I took a deep breath and calmly responded. The shoes are not damaged; however, now that the box is damaged, I can no longer sell these as new. After this response, I received a reimbursement.

I had to do the same thing with a grocery product. Now that the packaging is open, I can no longer sell the product. This took up quite a bit of my time yesterday, but it was worth it. Maybe if everyone does this, Amazon will ship our removal orders better.

When your removal orders come back, don’t just stick them in a corner. Inspect them to make sure they are in the same condition as you sent them in. If not, open a case. I have not had the same luck with getting reimbursed for customer damaged items.

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