Amazon FBA Jumpstart

Attention New Entrepreneurs and Those Who Want to Work From Home

“Did You Know That You Can Sell Physical Products on Amazon?”

[Yes, As A 3rd Party Seller, You Can Sell On One Of The Largest eCommerce Platforms!]

Who Is Adrienne Dupree And Why Should I Listen To Her?

Adrienne DupreeHello, I’m Adrienne Dupree from How To Get Started With FBA and I am an author, online marketer, affiliate marketer and e-commerce expert. I was a Program Manager in corporate America for many years. Over the years, the job got more stressful and the office politics were horrendous. I was working 60+ hours a week which included many weekends. I wanted a way out so I started a part-time online marketing business and e-commerce business in my “so-called” spare time. It was difficult with my work schedule but I made a lot of sacrifices to keep moving forward.

On October 8, 2015, I received a call that changed my life forever. I was laid off with only 2 weeks’ severance. My initial reaction was shock and fear. I had been planning to leave the corporate world behind at some point but not at that moment. I decided that I would not look for another corporate job but I would become a full-time entrepreneur.

One of the things that I had started part-time in 2014 was selling on Amazon through the Fulfillment By Amazon or FBA program. Lucky for me that I started during 4th quarter so I had great success in the beginning. I am now a full-time seller who does Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage, Wholesale and Private Label.

I Want to Teach You How to Sell On Amazon Successfully

The Amazon FBA Jumpstart Season 2

A 30 Day Opportunity
to Learn The Skills and Exactly What Is Involved in Successfully Selling On
Amazon For 2017 And Beyond


I Want to Work With You…

  • For the Next 30 Days
  • From Wherever You Are Right Now
  • You’ll Find Your First (or Next) Products to Sell on Amazon
  • You Will Avoid the Problems and Pitfalls I Have Overcome

The Amazon FBA Jumpstart Is A Great Opportunity For You to Accelerate Your Success

Please Consider Joining Me For the Amazon FBA Jumpstart for 2017!

The 4 Live Sessions Include:

Session 1

  • Introduction
  • Business Decisions
  • Account Settings
  • Fee Overview
  • Ungating
  • Grocery Ungating
  • Supplies
  • Best Sellers Rank (BSR)
  • Sales Velocity

Session 2

  • Profitable Products Analysis
  • Where To Buy Products
  • Scanning Apps
  • Product Tax Codes
  • How To Ship To Amazon

Session 3

  • Box Contents
  • Managing FBA Shipments
  • Online Arbitrage
  • Chrome Extensions

Session 4

  • Inventory Maintenance
  • Account Health
  • Performance Metrics
  • How To Find Wholesalers
  • Business Reports
  • Inventory Reports
  • Monthly Storage
  • 6 Month & 12 Month Long Term Storage


Just to Recap…

  • You Will Be Included in 4 Weekly Live Webinars, Beginning on November 15, 2017


Adrienne Dupree