My Go To Online Sourcing Tool – Tactical Arbitrage

Tactical ArbitrageIf you are only doing Retail Arbitrage in your Amazon business, you need to consider adding Online Are you tired of peeling off those multiple clearance stickers? If so, Online Arbitrage is what you should be doing. Don’t get me wrong. I will love Retail Arbitrage but I wanted to expand my business. Tactical Arbitrage allowed me to do this.

Most people start off Online Arbitrage by manually finding products or buying a list. I did both. I manually found products by going to online sites, finding products and using the Context Menu Search Chrome Extension to find profitable products on Amazon. This was great but it can be time consuming.

I also bought lists that contained products I could buy online. I found some great deals but sometimes by the time I got the items to Amazon, there was too much competition. Also, these lists were not cheap.

Then I discovered a way to automatically do online sourcing. I discovered Tactical Arbitrage. Tactical Arbitrage is a tool that allows you to find profitable products on Amazon using a variety of ways.

Tactical Arbitrage – Product Search

Product search allows you to source from over 400 online stores. You can filter products by sales rank, return on investment (ROI), the number of sellers, the profit amount, whether Amazon is selling the product and additional criteria. Based on your criteria, Amazon is searched and products that meet your criteria are returned. The returned search results show information about the product in Amazon so you can determine if you want to buy the product.

Tactical Arbitrage – Bulk Search

With bulk search, you can search multiple categories of products from a site using a comma separated value (CSV) file. You upload the file and let it run. You can search hundreds of categories and the search can run up to 48 hours.

Tactical Arbitrage – Wholesale Search

If you have ever been to a trade show, you have received lots of catalogs. If you are vetting wholesalers, you may also get electronic catalogs. You need a way to evaluate all this data and find the profitable products. If you had to do this manually, it would take hours of work. Luckily, Tactical Arbitrage can do this for you. You create a spreadsheet of the data, specify your criteria and run it through Tactical Arbitrage. I have literally gone to my hotel room after a trade show, done my research using Tactical Arbitrage and bought profitable products the next day.

Tactical Arbitrage – Reverse Search

How many times have you come across a great product on Amazon and wondered where you could buy it? With Tactical Arbitrage’s reverse search, you can search for that product at over 400 online stores. This gives you a huge advantage to finding products that are already selling on Amazon.

Tactical Arbitrage – Library Search

If you source books as part of your Amazon business, then you will love library search. You can search 9 online sites for profitable books. Now you have some other choices besides going to yard sales, thrift stores and estate sales.

Tactical Arbitrage – Amazon Flips

If you are not familiar with Amazon flips, it is when you buy something on Amazon when the price is low and then send it back in to Amazon to sell. If you use this technique, you cannot use your Prime account to purchase the merchandise. You can use Tactical Arbitrage to find these potential deals.

As you can see, you can use Tactical Arbitrage for many aspects of your online sourcing. Once I started using this tool, my Online Arbitrage portion of my business exploded. I can set up a huge bulk search, start it before I go to bed and analyze the results in the morning. To get started with Tactical Arbitrage, there is a 7-day trial for $1.  Explode your Online Arbitrage business now with this powerful tool.

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