Polybags And My Amazon FBA Business

PolybagsWhat Are Polybags?

According to Wikipedia, polybags are “a plastic bag or type of container made of thin, flexible, plastic film, nonwoven fabric, or plastic textile. Plastic bags are used for containing and transporting goods such as foods, produce, powders, ice, magazines, chemicals, and waste. It is a common form of packaging.” A polybag is a plastic bag that is used for certain items that we ship to Amazon.

Why Do I Need Polybags?

You need polybags in your Amazon FBA business because certain items are exposed and need to be covered. If you have a toy that is not completely covered, it needs a polybag. If you have a piece of clothing or anything else that is exposed, you need to ship to Amazon in a polybag. I even use them for grocery items that I ship to Amazon.

What Sizes Of Polybags Do I Need?

There are many sizes of polybags. The most common sizes I use are 6”x9”, 8”x10”, 9”x12” and 11”x14”. I do have some bigger sizes such as 14”x20”, 18”x24”, 22”x24” and 18”x30”. These sizes last much longer for me. You should start with the most common sizes. If your product is too big for these polybags, you can use a clear trash bag. Make sure you put the suffocation labels on the bag.

What Kind Of Polybags Do I Need?

According to Amazon, polybags must be at least 1.5 mil. Polybags with openings greater than 5″ must have a visible suffocation warning. All barcodes must be scannable without opening or unwrapping the packaged item. You can get polybags with the suffocation already on them or you must buy separate suffocation labels. I buy the self-sealing kind because it cuts out an extra step. With the self-sealing bags, you pull off the strip exposing the sticky part of the bag and close it. If you don’t use a self-sealing bag, you either must close the bag with a piece of tape or use a heat impulse sealer. I find that using self-sealing polybags with the suffocation label already printed on them is the best option.

Where Do I Buy Polybags?

There are several places online that you can buy polybags. If you are just starting out, I recommend that you buy them from Amazon. You can get 400 bags of the four most popular sizes very inexpensively. As you progress in your business, I suggest you buy bigger quantities from either Uline or Bubblefast. You can get a discount from Bubblefast by using the coupon code FBA.

Now that you know everything you need to know about polybags, you are now ready to get your first shipment ready for Amazon. If you want to learn about what other supplies are required for your Amazon FBA business, check out my Amazon FBA Supplies page.

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