Q4 Amazon FBA – Is It Too Late To Get Started?

Q4 Amazon FBAQ4 Amazon FBA – Is It Too Late To Get Started?

4th Quarter officially started on October 1st. If you are selling physical products on Amazon using their Fulfillment By Amazon or FBA program, then this is a busy time for you. A lot of sellers make 50% of their profit during November and December. To the average person, this doesn’t seem possible but it really is. It seems too good to be true. If you have not started selling on Amazon then you are probably thinking, Q4 Amazon FBA, is it too late to get started now? I can tell you based on my personal experience that the answer is no. I started Amazon FBA in the middle of November 2014 on a part-time basis. That was halfway through 4th Quarter.

Did I flounder? The answer is yes, I was brand new and had never sold physical products before. Did I make mistakes? Absolutely, I made mistakes. My account was even suspended for 1 day in the middle of December. Would I do it all over again? You bet. I was super successful and that success gave me the confidence to continue selling on Amazon. I became a full-time seller in October 2015.

There have been a lot of changes in the past few weeks including lots of restrictions. There are still thousands of products that you can sell. One of the great categories to sell in for 4th quarter is toys. That is the one category that I concentrated on in my first two Q4s. If you would like to learn more about toys, then check out the Holiday Toy Guide.

Whether you would like to earn extra money for the holidays or pay off bills or you want this to become another stream of income, Q4 is one of the best times to start. Early successes also give you encouragement to continue. This is a not a “get quick rich” scheme. There is a lot of work and you need to learn how to find profitable products.

I have a new complimentary e-course called How To Get Started With Amazon FBA During Q4.  This course will cover the following:

  • What is Amazon FBA
  • How Do I Get Started
  • What Do I Need To Get Started
  • What Can I Sell
  • What Should I Sell
  • Where Do I Find Products To Sell
  • How Do I Pick Products To Sell
  • How Do I Know If My Products Are Profitable
  • 10 Step Process TO Buy & Send Inventory To Amazon
  • Mistakes To Avoid
  • How To Identify Top Toys For Q4

To get started now, go to How To Get Started With FBA, fill in your first name and primary email address to get started now. This course will also include complimentary teleseminars to reinforce the course. During the teleseminars you will get a chance to ask questions if you attend them live. They will be recorded and will be available on the blog.


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    • Ryan

      Amazon is awesome. There are multiple streams of income associated with it. Congratulations on your eBooks and audio books. Check out my free course on Amazon FBA.

  1. Hello Adrienne! I came across your site when searching for FBA information on Twitter. I’ve been exploring selling on Amazon using FBA, so I’ve read a lot about it in the past two weeks. But no one mentioned this change in TOS. Thank you so much for alerting your audience to this change. I may wait until after the holidays to get started. I’m not sure fulfilling the orders myself is what I want to do. Terrific blog, I’m learning a ton!
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