The Mystery Of The Beauty Expiration Date

Beauty Expiration DateHas this happened to you? You are out scanning and you come across a great beauty product. It has great profit, great sales rank, not too many sellers, no Amazon on the listing and you are approved to sell it. You bring it home, start processing it and can not find the beauty expiration date anywhere.

You look over the entire product and all you see are some numbers and letters but no beauty expiration date. You have no clue what these cryptic letters and numbers mean. More than likely, it is the batch code or lot number. If you can decipher these, you will most likely know the production and beauty expiration date of the product.

Most beauty products do have a shelf life. A lot of skincare products have a 2-year shelf life. According to Amazon’s Terms of Service, you must make it clear the beauty expiration date of a beauty product. In order to comply, you must figure out what that date should be.

There are online tools that you can use to find out this information. The one that I like to use is Cosmetic Calculator. With this tool you can select the brand from the drop down menu and enter in the batch code. You then select calculate.

Here is an example. I have some Dove Nutritive Solutions Anti-Frizz Oil Therapy Conditioner. It does not have an expiration date, but I see the following on the bottle: 01157JU38. I use the Cosmetic Calculator and here is what is displayed.

Check Beauty Expiration Date

You see that this product was manufactured on January 15, 2017. It has a shelf life of 36 months so the expiration date would be January 15, 2020. You are now compliant with Amazon.

If you are shopping at close-out stores, then I recommend that you check the expiration date or shelf life while you are still in the store using your phone. It is nothing worse than getting a product home and then realizing that you cannot send it into Amazon.

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