Why You Need To Use A Box Resizer In Your Amazon FBA Business

Why You Need To Use A Box Resizer In Your Amazon FBA Business

Box ResizerYou may be thinking that the title of this blog post is a mistake. Why would anyone think that a box resizer is an important tool for your Amazon FBA business? Or you may be thinking what in the world is a box resizer? A box resizer is a tool that allows you to resize a box. If you have a box that is bigger than the contents you are shipping to Amazon, you can use a box resizer to make the box smaller.

Now you are probably thinking why do I care if my box is smaller? There are basically two reasons why you would want to make your box smaller: to reduce the amount of packing material you must include in your box and to reduce the shipping costs.

Box Resizer Advantage #1 – Reduction of Packing Material

When you pack a box for Amazon, you should include packing material to prevent your contents from moving around in the box. This will reduce damage to your products in shipping. Amazon has specific types of material that can be used. You can use craft paper, blank newspaper, air pillows, bubble wrap and plastic bags. Printed newspaper and peanuts are not allowed. You can also use plastic bags by putting plastic bags inside of plastic bag and tying the outer bag in a knot.

In some cases, you can get packing material for free or you may have to purchase it. If you have to purchase it, then you want to use as little as possible while still protecting your products. Also, the more packing material you use, the heavier your box will be which can equate to more shipping costs.

Box Resizer Advantage #2 – Dimensional Weight

Even more important than reducing packing material is the amount your shipping costs are affected by the size and weight of your box. Per UPS, “dimensional weight reflects package density, which is the amount of the space a package occupies in relation to its actual weight.”  To calculate dimensional weight, you multiply the length, height and width of a box and divide by 166. You round to the next whole number if you have a fraction. The greater of the dimensional weight and the actual weight is what you are charged for shipping the package.

The following is stated on the Small Parcel Delivery To Amazon Help Page:

If you are using Amazon’s partnered carrier (UPS), you must enter the dimensional data for your small-parcel delivery boxes. These dimensions are used to calculate dimensional weight, which may be used to determine fees if the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight.

When you are entering the weight of your boxes as part of your shipping plan, you must also enter the box dimensions. If you have a large box that has contents that are light, more than likely, the dimensional weight will be greater than the actual weight of the box. For example, if you have a 18x18x16 inch box, the dimensional weight is 32 pounds. This is the size of a medium Home Depot box. If the contents in the box are less than 32 pounds, you are still going to be charged for 32 pounds for shipping.  Therefore, you want to reduce the size of the box using the box resizer if possible.

Dimensional Weight Calculators

There is a free Chrome Extension called Dimension Calculator that will calculate the dimensional weight of a box once you input the dimensions. There is also a website that you can visit to calculate dimensional weight as well.

As you can see, a box resizer is much more important to your Amazon FBA business than you thought. If you would like more information about other essential supplies for your Amazon business, check out my Amazon Supplies Resource Page.


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  1. Great explanation Adrienne. I bought a box resizer but have never actually used it. Based on UPS’ new rates and package sizes, this post is a great reminder for me to make those boxes smaller. My biggest problem is the tool didn’t come with any instructions and I can’t figure out HOW to use the resizer…

    • Debbie, here is a link to a video that shows you how to use a box resizer. Thank you for asking about it. I will add this to my blog post.

    • Tanya, glad that the information was helpful. The acceptable packing materials that I shared are the rules for Amazon FBA.

  2. Great information. I have been putting off buying a box resizer, and just used a knife instead. But, thanks to your information I’ll now buy one.

  3. I need to get that tool! I have been using a ruler and knife but I don’t always get the edges right so it doesn’t close well.

    Thanks for the link to the video too.

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